12 Attendees You’ll Encounter at Every Event

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Conferences and events attract all walks of life, but according to HubSpot, some types of people are more common than others.

HubSpot goes into some serious detail about frequent event attendees – which you can check out here – but we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of them and their general goals.

  • The Networker
    • Goal: Meet smart people
  • The Sponge
    • Goal: Learning
  • The Innovator
    • Goal: Get inspired
  • The Superfan
    • Goal: Meet the keynote speakers
  • The Job Seeker
    • Goal: Get a job
  • The Deal Maker
    • Goal: Create a business partnership
  • The Blogger
    • Goal: Write high-quality content
  • The Teacher
    • Goal: Relay knowledge to teammates
  • The Thought Leaders
    • Goal: Stay successful
  • The Spy
    • Goal: Competitive intelligence
  • The Salesperson
    • Goal: Make a sale
  • The Partier
    • Goal: Have fun

The experienced team at Fourth Wall Events understands that there are many different types of people at conferences and corporate events, but we also understand that they all have one common goal: to attend an engaging and well-produced event. Luckily, that’s our specialty!

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