The Ins and Outs of Effective Event Registration

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Event registration is certainly not the most exciting part of event planning. However, the registration process is an important one. In the past, the only way to manage registrations was through phone calls and manual guest lists. Today, there is a variety of technologies that makes this process easier and more convenient. Below, we will talk about making the online registration process easy for attendees as well as improving in-person registration at your event.


Making Online Event Registration Painless

It is important to make the online registration process quick and easy. If attendees become confused or it is difficult to register for the event then they may pass on the opportunity. Here are some tips for making the registration process successful:

  • Keep the registration form simple. Though you may want to collect additional information at the time of registration, avoid asking too many questions on the registration form. If you think that these questions will help make your event more successful, consider adding answer options or making the questions optional.
  • Collect fees at the time of registration. If you collect any event or conference fees at the time of online registration then you do not have to handle any money later on. You can even sell conference t-shirts and other materials ahead of time and deliver to the attendee when they check in at the event.
  • Use an automated confirmation page and email. Automate the confirmation process by displaying a confirmation page after registration is complete and emailing the attendee to let them know they are registered. This gives the registrant some peace of mind and gives you an opportunity to automatically send important information like times and parking details.


Improving the In-Person Registration Process

Once attendees arrive at your event, you will need to greet them, check them in, answer any questions they may have, and help them get on their way. There are many ways to streamline the in-person registration process and make it beneficial for both the organizer and the attendee:

  • Use technology to make check-in painless. Rather than running down a long printed list of registrants, use a laptop or tablet to quickly find and check guests in.
  • Clearly mark registration areas. This may seem like a no-brainer, but things can get chaotic once the event starts, so it’s important to use signs to clearly mark the area where registrants can check in.
  • Have multiple registration stations. Having more than one event employee taking in-person registrations makes the process faster. Create a separate, designated area for those who have not yet registered online and need to pay.
  • Pre-assemble event packets, so they are ready to go. Give everything that the registrant needs to them during in-person registration. Have packets ready to go so that all the attendee needs to do is grab a schedule or swag bag and be on their way.
  • Make other event staff available to answer questions and direct traffic. Ask other event staff to be visible during check-in so that they can answer any questions and direct guests to the appropriate areas.

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