3 Proven Ways to Find a Rock Star Event Speaker

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Event planning and keynote speakers go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re planning a business meeting or a major corporate event, booking a good keynote speaker can solidify its legitimacy and help bolster the guest list. There are numerous things to consider before selecting an event speaker, and Event Manager Blog has done an excellent job highlighting a few of the important aspects. Find someone relevant to your industry It doesn’t matter if your event revolves around a product launch, sharing information in your industry, or providing networking opportunities for professionals, your keynote speaker needs to be relevant. The best way to flush out the professionals from the amateurs is to examine experience. Slideshare is a great place to search for presentations relevant to your industry and get a feel for the presenter’s expertise and public speaking skills. Once you find someone, a simple Google search should reveal past recorded presentations and knowledge elsewhere, such as YouTube. Charisma and delivery are of the utmost importance, and a YouTube video can show who you’re dealing with exactly. Consider breakout stars If conferences are frequent occurrences in your industry, some speakers may have already saturated the industry and won’t draw a crowd. Instead, try to find someone with a fresh voice and take on a critical issue impacting your industry.   With outlets such as LinkedIn Groups and Quora Threads, locating new faces is easier than ever. Through these sites, you can discover people who are answering the questions your audience is asking and gauge a speaker’s passion and comprehension of the subject matter. Is influence more important than expertise? Although it’s ideal to have a speaker who is both experienced and has a lot of specialization, influence is also an important consideration. Thought leaders in your industry who are active on social media are a great place to start. Comb LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for these individuals and many of them would be flattered just to be approached. A prospective speaker with a strong online presence typically has a large circle and may have considerable clout with attendees. There are many ways to find speakers for your next event and with just a few phone calls you can have someone booked in no time. Want to learn more about inventive ways to track down potential speakers for your next event? Contact Fourth Wall Events, and check out Event Manager Blog!

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