3 Tips for a Stellar Video Invitation

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Next time you’re planning a big corporate event, remember that the invite could make or break its success. Now, one of the biggest trends in event invites is video invitation, and a number of companies are cashing in on the demand.

Wideo is one such company that makes video invitations easier to produce on a budget than ever. However, just because the DIY service is easy to use, doesn’t mean you should dive in without planning. According to BizBash, before hitting record on an event invite, you should keep the following tips in mind.

1. Know your DIY abilities

“Everybody’s into video, but a lot of people don’t know how to present that video and make their event more successful and elegant,” Prabhakar Bellamkonda, CEO and co-founder of Inviter, tells BizBash.

Video invites usually take a lot more time and effort than a more conventional, text-based invite. The rise of YouTube and Vine celebrities might give a false sense that creating a compelling video is easy, and while we admire your confidence, you need to know your limits. For example, do you know how to create animations, edit recorded material, or overlay audio? Covering the basics will help your video invite go a long way.

2. A good video requires money

Wideo is offered in different tiers at varying prices from $19 per month to $99 per month. While you will undoubtedly be able to find the right service that fits your budget, the costs probably won’t end there.

Your iPhone’s camera might work in a pinch, but it won’t give you the sound and video quality for a professional looking video invitation. A fancy looking backdrop and great lighting will cost you and should be accounted for in your initial budget.

3. Distribute wisely

Now that you have a polished final product, you need to distribute it to your guest list. Some people opt to embed it in an email, while others post it to their company’s YouTube page. These are both great options, and having numerous options for sharing is important, as digital invitations can get lost in the shuffle. Also take advantage of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to really get the word out. However, if you want a more exclusive guest list, try to limit the number of public sites you post the video.

Producing a video invitation for your next corporate event is a great idea, but it could be uncommon territory. So why not ask for help from the dedicated team at Fourth Wall Events. Contact us today!       

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