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5 Team Activities You Need to Hear About

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Are your team activities getting a little too…old? Have you noticed that attendees are getting bored with the same tried-and-true teamwork and icebreaking activities? It’s tough to find the right new activities for a whole group – activities tend to appeal to a certain type of person (the athlete, the actor, the information hound, etc.) but struggle to connect with every single person in a team. To help out, we suggest these five activities that are rapidly gaining in popularity, and are great ways to appeal to teams in new ways.

1. Community Beautification

Community beautification projects are trending for several very good reasons. They are applicable to any location (from cleaning a beach or a trail to tidying up parks or streets, there’s something for every spot), and the work is often casual enough for everyone to participate. It also opens up opportunities for lots of casual conversation. Plus, you are giving back to the community and fostering better relations with your town or city, which is never a bad thing! Talk about what beautification projects will get your team the most excited.

2. Room Escapes

There are a lot of different room escape activities, which is one reason we like them. The basic premise is that a team is place in a “locked” room and must complete challenges or find the proper way to exit while a countdown is in effect, with occasional changes to the “rules” of the game. Another reason these make great team building activities is that there is usually a role for everyone once people start brainstorming, and even the quieter teammates can find their spots and work to solve problems. However, these escapes do take a lot of time to plan: We suggest partnering with an organization that has experience in developing them.

3. Cooking Classes

Cooking classes tend to be a win because there’s something for everyone: It’s a life skill that anyone can use, and even the gregarious and extra-quiet team members will enjoy the semi-casual work with both their hands and their minds. Plus, since cooking is rarely related to work activities, there’s not much pressure to perform, which makes it easier to bond with others while learning new abilities – something that every team can benefit from.

4. Office Trivia

Office trivia is a more cerebral activity that works well as part of a larger group. This challenge asks random questions about the office environment and processes (nothing too technical, for obvious reasons). It helps teams to start working together, while also keeping attention focused on work-related activities without draining anyone’s brain too much. These are especially good activities for

5. Development Workshop

If you really want to enrich your team, then set up an education/development workshop to help teach or enhance specific work skills. Everyone will appreciate that their skill (and worth to the company) is increasing, and there’s a low social cost for participating, so you don’t have to worry about stigmas or roles. These workshops can range from simple, like how to send the perfect client email, to more complex, such as certification for new accounting standards. Customize one or more for your teams.

Also, if you have any more questions about team activities that specifically fit your event goals, let us know at Fourth Wall Events and we can find a solution that’s tailored for you!

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