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6 Activities To Bring Employees Together This Halloween

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Halloween is just a few short weeks away, and you may think that it’s a time for jack-o-lanterns, candy, and spooky costumes, but it’s a great time to take advantage of some team-building activities.   According to one Harris Poll, Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays, so use this opportunity – with the help of Fourth Wall Events – to bring colleagues closer together with the following engaging activities.   1. Halloween feast The upcoming holiday doesn’t have to be exclusively about candy. Instead, plan a Halloween breakfast, lunch, or dinner for employees. Whether it’s at a local hotspot or in office is up to you. If you opt for the latter, consider making it a Halloween-themed potluck to get people more involved. If a potluck generates enough interest, add a little competition for “best-tasting” or “most on-theme.”   2. Decorating contest Halloween office decorating contests are a favorite activity. Allowing employees to decorate cubicles and office doors is a fantastic way to let them show their creativity in a fun way. Offer an appealing prize well ahead of time to generate additional interest.   3. Costume contest Although Halloween is on a Saturday this year, encourage employees to dress up the Friday before. Consider making the day a casual dress today so people get into it. Just make sure to set some ground rules that limit revealing or offensive costumes to avoid any issues.   4. Pumpkin carving A Halloween staple, carving pumpkins is fun for people of any age. Provide pumpkins and carving tools and let employees go crazy. Remember, carving pumpkins is messy so consider holding this activity at the end of the day, so employees can go home and get cleaned up afterward.   5. Trick-or-treat Everyone likes treats, so you may want to hold off on the tricks. Instead of having employees travel door-to-door collecting Reese’s Cups and M&Ms, encourage them to bring in Halloween-themed baked goods.   6. Volunteer Schedule a volunteer opportunity the week before Halloween. Since the holiday is especially popular among children, do some research and see if there are any organizations in your area that cater to youngsters.   There are many opportunities to take advantage of Halloween for your next team-building or office event. Get in touch with Fourth Wall today and we’ll help you string up the cobwebs.  

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