2017 Event Trends

6 Big Event Trends We’ll See in 2017

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Will your 2017 events be ready for the new year? Let’s take a look at some of the growing event trends in the business world and how they may impact you.

1. Better (Not Necessarily More) Tracking

Data tracking and analysis has become very popular this year – at least when it comes to talking about it! But we’ve had a lot of ideas and noise, and not so much concrete action, except at the highest levels. Look for that to change in 2017 events as experts learn more about what sort of event data is actually useful, and what ways data should be tracked without interfering with the event experience. In other words, we may not see more data tracking in the coming year, but we’ll probably see smarter tracking that’s more available to even small companies.

2. The Sound of Silence

The “silence” theme began picking up in 2016 and will probably come into its own in 2017. Attendees are loving events that give them time to breathe, relax, and think about what they’ve learned – and hey, if that involves a yoga or meditation class, then so much the better! Expect events to focus less on flash and activities, a little more on introspection in the months to come – and think about how well that could work for your next corporate event.

3. Real-Time Features Abound

Real-time features and livestreaming have grown more popular around the business world, which means they provide better ROI at events. From Facebook Live-streaming the activities to live blogging the featured presentation, real-time features allow the event to expand beyond the venue itself and reach “attendees” around the world. Events will be experimenting freely with this technology in the coming year to find out just how useful it is – and what it means for events in the future.

4. Let’s Ask the Attendees

Attendees love being able to offer input on events during the planning stage. Thanks to today’s online polls and email lists, asking attendees what they prefer is easier now than ever. So it’s no surprise that event teams will be turning a lot of their decisions over to crowdsourcing, especially when it comes to picking things like food or activities. This could get messy, but expect a rise in attendee decision-making before we find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

5. An Unforgettable Experience

Younger workers are more moved by experiences than by things, so 2017 will be the year of the event experience. It’s not necessarily about equipping people with tools – most people already have plenty of those – but about giving attendees an experience they won’t forget, one that will shape their ideas of the company and their place in it.

6. Emotional Analysis

How are your attendees feeling? What are their emotions during the event, and afterward? People want to know! Emotional analysis will be entering the data world (sometimes in odd ways, like facial recognition) and providing insight not only on how people behave, but on how things make them feel.

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