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6 Ways to Revolutionize Your Next Corporate Event

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Planning a major corporate event can be a challenging endeavor, but with the help of Fourth Wall Events, your next gathering can go beyond the everyday.

Today’s attendees are looking for new and exciting events they can tell their friends and peers about. However, with everything from event décor to technology constantly evolving, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve.

Luckily, by reviewing the following trends revolutionizing corporate event planning, your next event is guaranteed to be a hit:

1. Unique venues

In the past, the easiest place to hold a large corporate event was at a hotel. While this might still ring true in many cases, try to set your sites on a unique venue for corporate gatherings. Think of a sporting or concert venue, private villa, theme parks, or activity-based environment – the possibilities are endless. Creating a lasting impression with the venue alone will keep attendees talking about your event indefinitely. 

2. Transform your surroundings

Even the most unique venue requires some good old-fashioned TLC to help brand your event. When attendees start filtering in, they should known right from the get-go that they’re in the right place. Fourth Wall’s décor specialists will transform your venue beyond the use of traditional banners and branded gift bags.

3. Engage attendees

2015 is the year of engaging attendees. Corporate event organizers are making guests part of the event itself through hands-on audience participation, workshops, event-specific apps, hash -tags, and more. Guests who feel engaged are more likely to have a better experience while also increasing their interest to gain new skills and knowledge.

4. Embrace the high tech

Technology has rapidly changed the way we live and interact with others, so why not use it to revolutionize your next corporate event? The following tools could greatly benefit the goals of your gathering:

–       Event app featuring key points as well as presentation and workshop schedule

–       In-app scheduling and communication

–       On-site social media networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

–       On-demand video feeds

–       Electronic surveys and contests

–       Real-time language translation

The vast majority of your guest list will have a smartphone in their pocket. Use this tool to your advantage.

 5. Turn your guest list into a community

In the weeks leading up to and following your event, get your entire guest list to connect – it can make it that much more special. By creating and sustaining a “community” through social media outlets, those who are enthusiastic about the event will help spread the word, while sharing ideas. You can even use this as a launch off point if you want to make your event an annual occurrence.

 6. Incorporate social responsibility

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – event attendees will appreciate an experience featuring components focused on social responsibility. From the food served to décor and staging materials, try to find items that are local, organic, and sustainable.

It’s important to embrace trends to create a one-of-a-kind experience, and Fourth Wall Events is here to help. Contact us today!

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