7 Places Your Event Needs Screens and Projectors

7 Places Your Event Needs Screens and Projectors

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Screens and projection options have grown increasingly less expensive in recent years (with even more sizes to choose from): It’s exciting to look at screens and projector rental options, but many companies balk at actually renting and setting them up: It can be difficult to know what role event screens play, how to use them effectively, and if they’re worth the money. So let’s take a look at places and ways to set up these screens/projections, or to use the screens the venue has as effectively as possible!

Main Lobby

For large venues or events, your attendees may need a little direction. While you can do this in person, large groups often benefit more from screens that show that 1) they are definitely in the right place and 2) they can head to a particular room or tablet for further directions. Fortunately, a variety of venues provide or allow for event screens in the main lobby to help introduce and direct your attendees. Ask about any screens you see when scouting a venue!

Near Charging Stations

When not actively engaged in presentations or meetings, you can bet that a lot of attendees will be circles around the charging stations with their mobile devices. A screen or project setup here can provide more information about the event or its sponsors, as well as notifying everyone in the area about upcoming presentations and countdowns. A variety of charging stations actually come with built-in screens that can be used for these purposes!

Food Areas

Another place that people will congregate is the food court or whatever location is set aside for meals. These tend to be distracting and loud areas – a projection or screen is useful here to get everyone’s attention when you need it, keep people apprised of events, and of course to stream ongoing presentations for those at the venue who can’t currently attend.

Presentation Areas (By Size)

This is an especially obvious point: A projector or screen is a necessity for most presentations. Here, the size of the group should generally influence the size of the screen (assuming you have a choice). For example, 50 people may be able to use a smaller projection stand, while 500 people may need a much larger screen to work with. There is more detailed information available online for picking the right screen for your presentation.

Scenery Enhancement

Projectors can also be used to liven up dull or dark parts of the venue by reflecting scenery, business information, and more. Add in augmented reality possibilities, and this is a particularly rich field if you want to really impress attendees.

Booth Marketing

While some sponsors and booth-dwellers will bring their own screens for marketing, you may want to discuss supplying screens as part of your arrangement. It’s an excellent value driver and a great way to win over sponsors.

As you can see, picking the right spots – and budgets – for screens can be a complex issue! For more information and advice, talk to a Fourth Wall Events  rep today and let us help you make the right decisions.

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