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Breaking the “Fourth Wall”

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In theatre, a stage has three walls. But did you know there’s also a “fourth wall” known as the imaginary wall or divide between the actors and the audience? This “fourth wall” is the thin line that separates the story from reality. Breaking the fourth wall, in theatre, is when the actor(s) acknowledge the audience, bringing them into the story. Meanwhile, breaking the fourth wall, in television, is when the actor looks directly into the camera and speaks to its viewers. This forges the relationship between the viewer and the actor. If you’ve ever watched House of Cards, you know what we mean. Breaking the fourth wall creates an intimate – even sexy and forbidden – connection between the storyteller and the audience. Eleven years ago, the founder of Fourth Wall Events created the company with a focus on creating an unforgettable connection between our clients and their guests. Every meeting and every event of our clients has a goal: to effectively deliver a message to its attendees. Fourth Wall Events does just that: we break the fourth wall to forge a connection between the client and their guests, ensuring that the message of the meeting or event is communicated clearly and effectively. We want to bring the message of your meeting or event to real life; we want to get your attendees talking; we want to make sure that the connection between you and your guests is intimate and successful. One might ask, “How does Fourth Wall Events break the fourth wall for the client? How do they create the intimate relationship and ensure that the message is delivered effectively to the attendees?” When you partner with Fourth Wall Events, we ask you two things even before the planning and design stages take action: Why are you having this event? What is the message you need to get across? And keep those goals on the forefront when we dive in to the planning and design of your event. Using extreme attention to detail and the 150 years of combined experience across all scopes of event services, we combine your vision and your goals with our award-winning creativity to deliver an extraordinary experience based on high-impact moments that result in breaking the fourth wall.

We want to break the fourth wall for you!

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