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Business Event “Themes” to Watch for (and Think About) in 2017

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The event theme has two important purposes: To make a business event more fun and to tie into the main thrust of the event – to help create more buy-in by appealing to a sense of fun and imagination. We’re seeing some truly wild themes (especially in Silicon Valley) emerge from companies looking for a creative angle: Here are several categories gaining popularity, and how they can tie into a big 2017 event.


Travel events typically choose an exotic location to imitate or focus on the act of traveling itself (planes, trains and automobiles, that sort of thing). Of course, these themes aren’t just about decoration – they also tie into the purpose of the event. It’s no surprise that travel themes are commonly used by nonprofits, as well as companies that are establishing an overseas presence – or just want to get attendees excited about change and new opportunities.


“Adventure” themes tend to focus on a particular fantasy – pirates, Wild West, etc. While this may sound a little bit too much like planning a child’s birthday party, keep in mind that adults love these types of adventures too, and will be far more willing to play along. These events are high-cost (some companies build whole pirate ships), but great for increasing interest and engagement. Just don’t expect much learning to get done once the party starts.

Outer Space

Outer space themes have grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to new interest in Mars and a general “what’s out there?” perspective – plus, it can be a lot of fun coming up with space-themed ideas and decoration. This theme is great for exploring new technology, launching off into a big new project, or expanding into a different market or service.


Regional themes tend to take very popular local attractions and food, and then construct an event around them. This can be as simple as a New England Chowder Day, or as complicated as celebrating local history at a nearby park. These events are great for connecting with the community and launching community events or volunteer projects.


Spy themes have also grown in popularity. We’re talking James Bond style events with all the trimmings, including fancy dress, martinis, “secret gadgets” and “confidential papers,” and so on. These events are perfect for studying the competition, launching a new marketing campaign, or examining your place in the industry and how the brand can perform better…while still having some fun with it.


Sports events remain popular throughout many industries, and it’s easy to see why. There are a lot of sports to choose from, so you can customize the event easily based on your audience and what they enjoy. There are plenty off-the-wall options (race tracks, tennis matches, etc.) for more elaborate themes. Additionally, sports events can be personalized for many different goals, from data analysis to celebrating a big win.

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