Case Studies

  • Complete event planning services, all under one roof

      May 9, 2017

    While other firms are typically production or logistics companies, Fourth Wall Events is a one-stop shop offering the full array of event-planning services: planning, design, production, and management. Backed by our dynamic team of experienced professionals, we offer complete, beginning-to-end delivery of every aspect of your event—along with the management know-how to seamlessly coordinate a[…]

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  • 6 Tips For Developing Your Event’s PR Plan

      May 3, 2017

    No matter the size of your event, an effective public relations strategy is always a smart move when organizing an event. Marketing and public relations are quite similar, but there are some significant differences when it comes to a corporate event. The best public relations planning is rooted in strategy. A calculated approach that is[…]

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  • Stimulate the 5 Senses With Your Next Corporate Event

      May 11, 2017

    We use our five senses every day and often take them for granted. Whether it be sight, smell, taste, sound, or feel each sense brings something different to the table and more often than not, when you’re planning your next corporate event, you might only target two or three of them. While you may be[…]

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  • Common Event Planning Problems and Simple Event Planning Solutions

      May 2, 2017

    Planning a corporate event can be a challenging task, but with the help of the talented team at Fourth Wall Events, it can be much easier.  During the planning and hosting of an event, you can run into some daunting (but common) issues. Unforeseen mishaps, vendor-related issues, and scheduling conflicts are just the tip of[…]

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