Conquistador’s Ball

Objectives: To produce a once-in-a-lifetime event to honor winners’ achievements.

Recognition and reward for their hard work. This was a way to allow participants to celebrate beyond the recognition ceremony on a dance floor with a band.

Background: Our client, a fortune 100 telecommunications company, offers an annual incentive trip to reward their top performers across multiple channels. The event is designed to inspire further dedicated performance and provide an opportunity for the employees to network and bond as a unified team.

Creative Solutions: For the recognition dinner Fourth Wall Events recreated the historic hacienda style of the conquistador era. 10-foot-long custom iron centerpieces that supported flowers and candles ran the length of impressive banquet tables. Custom tabletops that had 5 different elements on it (wood, fabric, foam, black ribbon and gold trim created in our scenic shop). Not just a hotel table with a linen, we hand crafted bolstered edges wrapped in plush burgundy velour with gold nail head trim holding the black ribbon in place. Custom designed 6’ and 8’ chandeliers with individual lamps hanging. The fabric flame fanned by an electric motor looked so real that the hotel banquet staff approached our management with concern that the ‘fire’ would set off their sprinkler system! These chandeliers were connected with custom made gold and burgundy swags to create an impressive ceiling treatment. Guests felt like a conquering hero seated in custom designed and built double seated thrones for photo ops. And to truly create a personalized feeling each guest’s chair received a branded crest with their name embossed on it that matched the ten foot shields hanging over the photo op.

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