Starry Night

Objectives: The primary goal was to reward incentive winners and their guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was carefully crafted to be intimate, sophisticated and exotic.

Background: These well-traveled participants expect a stellar level of service at this annual event, so living up to expectations was extremely important. The Grand Cayman Ritz Carlton Hotel beach was the perfect setting to cap off the best and brightest employees of this top tier technology company.

Creative Solutions: For the final night of the 3 day trip, the hotel’s beach was transformed into the “Starry Night” masterpiece of Vincent Van Gogh. As guests arrived a shoe valet offered to keep guests’ footwear sand free and allow toes to explore the Caribbean shores. Rising from the sand were sleek, modern 16’ tall free-standing white pendant chandeliers with arms cascading 6’ in all directions that reflected light. A 20’ by 16’ event logo was meticulously crafted from colored sand to create a beach dance floor and popular photo op. The bright colors of the sandy logo were swirled around by guests dancing the night away, creating an interactive element to the decor. Meanwhile, off shore hundreds of floating and flaming torches anchored in the ocean created a dramatic visual that appeared as if the stars above reflected onto the water below. In addition, a lit path away from the event space led to a star-gazing area with telescopes and professional astronomers. Custom built wooden cabanas with white flowing fabric created intimate areas for guests to mingle. Near the cabanas a mixture of dining, cocktail and highboy tables were dressed in linens with a “Starry Night” swirling effect of blue and yellow. Glowing crystal mosaic votives and solid silver symmetrical containers and a beautiful array of white orchids graced the tables. As an exclamation point to the evening, spectacular fireworks featuring spinning Catherine wheels created swirling star effects as guests reveled under explosions of color and the natural beauty of stars above. In the end, guest expectations were surpassed. Post-event surveys recorded a near perfect average score of 4.97 out of 5.0, the highest ever at this annual event!

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