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Cvent’s Top Meeting Destinations 2015

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Major cities are perfect places to hold corporate events. They’re generally easy to get to, have ample accommodations, and offer endless activities. However, when it comes to cities, not all are created equal.


Cvent recently published its annual list of the “Top 50 Cities for Meetings and Events in the United States”. The list is based on meeting and event booking activity, and when compared to the previous year, experienced a number of changes.


The Top-10 Cities in 2015:


  1. Orlando, FL (Ranked 2nd in 2014)
  2. Las Vegas, NV (Ranked 3rd in 2014)
  3. Chicago, IL (Ranked 1st in 2014)
  4. San Diego, CA (Ranked 5th in 2014)
  5. Atlanta, GA (Ranked 4th in 2014)
  6. Washington, D.C. (Ranked 8th in 2014)
  7. New York, NY (Ranked 6th in 2014)
  8. Dallas, TX (Ranked 7th in 2014)
  9. Nashville, TN (Ranked 10th in 2014)
  10. Phoenix, AZ (Ranked 11th in 2014)


However, with an expected hotel rate surge projected for 2016, next year’s list could be vastly different as event hosts look for more affordable destinations.

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