DATA: A Game Change for Corporate Event Planning

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These days, data analytics are everywhere. Everyone from Major League Baseball to political strategists use these numbers to ensure victory and success. Now, these numbers could also help plan major events.

Case and point: country music superstar Hunter Hayes. According to Mashable, Hayes and his team recently took it upon themselves to examine Spotify streaming data to determine where the majority of his listeners are located, and subsequently planned his next tour around these destinations.

“That data – along with country radio airplay and single sales – is invaluable to identify where you have an active, passionate audience currently excited about an artist’s music,” Warner Music Nashville’s Jeremy Holley told Mashable.

Here at Fourth Wall Events, we previously recognized Intellitix for its contribution to major events all over the world for very similar reasons. As a pioneer in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, users at major events can wear microchip-embedded wristbands to make cashless payments and check-in to locations. In turn, event planners often have access to this data when an event wraps up, which allows them to see a guest’s experience on paper and refine future events accordingly.

The importance of data is truly making significant headway in event planning. Want to learn more? Contact Fourth Wall Events today! 

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