Fourth Wall Events
Fourth Wall Events

Elliott Elsner

Elliott Elsner

Elliott Elsner
Business Development Manager

What I do:  I work with an incredible team of creative professionals to produce memorable meetings, conferences and event experiences for our clients all over the world.

Why I love doing it:  Every day presents new challenges + I get to travel

What’s on my night stand:  A lamp + whatever I’m reading this week!

Craziest hobby:  Drinking Wine…It’s a hobby and I’m crazy about it

Believe it or not:  I came in 2nd in a national Dennis the Menace look-alike contest

Guilty pleasure:  Star Trek or Mysteries at the Museum (any season, any series…I own it =)

Favorite Thing to do outside of work:  Travel, Sleep and SOUL!

Embarrassing iTunes Purchase:  Tori Kelley album (but she kills it!)