Meeting & Event Management Company

Exceptional meeting and event management encompass flawless execution of an event based on the strategic goals of a client. Start to finish, Fourth Wall Events takes a holistic approach to each event, including:

  • Pre-planning
  • Event day management and follow-thru
  • Arranging speakers and entertainment
  • Sound and lighting

We believe the work done before, during and after your event is as important as the event experience itself. Once event design has been crafted, vendors are secured, production details are completed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our event managers have coordinated the full range of details involved in event management with the best return on investment.

Guest List Management

Fourth Wall Events will take care of everything from invitation design, printing, and distribution to guest list curation, outreach and scheduling. We can help you build the perfect guest list, manage attendee questions, and secure RSVP’s.

Event Registration Support, On-Site Check-In, Communication and Coordination

If you prefer to monetize or digitize the registration process, Fourth Wall Events‘s event management team will coordinate all necessary details and outreach from e-mail support to data management. For large-scale events, online registration and support are an integral part of the event experience and helps set the tone for your attendees. Our experienced registration support team works to improve communication with attendees and solidifies confidence in your level of attendance.

Your guests are welcomed by our enthusiastic team, trained in facilitating prompt, seamless registration. They understand the importance of first impressions and are committed to making each guest feel like a VIP. We help attendees check in, manage the RSVP count; and direct them to the event venue. Whether your event involves dinner and entertainment or a multi-day speaking engagement, our helpful, detail-oriented staff will help your guests navigate every minute of their experience.

Payment Support

When events involve on-site vendors and payment needs, we will help manage the technology to ensure payments are collected properly. This support can occur before, during, or after your event and we will tailor each solution to your exact needs. Let us know your concept and we will offer the solutions!

Post-Event Follow-Up

Our Fourth Wall Events post-event follow-up is a critical part of our event management services. We understand what we learn from attendees helps you in planning future events, and it also helps us in achieving the ultimate in event management. We include a comprehensive post-event plan with every meeting, trade show, and event we manage. We are happy to share this information with you. This data is used for planning future events and to outperform in future endeavors.

Event Management on a Higher Level

When you want an exceptional event, you need exceptional event management that can deliver flawlessly. At Fourth Wall Events, we believe perfection is achievable and work toward that goal in every event we plan. If you would like to learn more about our varied services, please contact us. For product introductions, experiential events, trade shows, press events and more, contact us today at 212-316-0052.

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