Event Tech Tools That Speakers Can Use to Engage an Audience

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How many times have you sat in a presentation that has almost put you to sleep? Though keeping an audience engaged is certainly no easy task, there are a variety of event tech tools that speakers can use to keep attendees interested throughout their presentation. Here are just a few of our favorite presentation technologies:

Social Media

You may be thinking, how is social media a presentation tool? We are not suggesting that you tweet your entire presentation 140 characters at a time. However, social media can be a great way to allow audience members to participate in the conversation and interact with the presenter. Rather than having one person run around the room passing the microphone to each person with a question, why not have a live Q & A through social media? The speaker can then continue engaging with the audience and keep the conversation going long after the speaker has left the room.

Live Polls

Live polls are a great way to gather information from the audience. Not only are they interactive, but they can help a speaker better gauge the type of information that the audience would benefit from. Live polling tools like Poll Everywhere make it easy to ask questions and get feedback from the audience in real-time. You can use the app to ask a question, and the audience is able to answer on the spot through text message, twitter, or on their web browsers. Then, you can see the live response and show results right in your presentation.


Though videos are certainly not a new technology, they can go a long way in terms of audience engagement. No matter how entertaining the presenter is or how valuable the information, most event attendees can only listen to a speaker for so long and only absorb so much information before tuning out. Interesting video content that contains valuable information can help keep the audience interested during the presentation.

Presentation Tools

There are a variety of presentation tools out there to help you create stunning and engaging visual presentations. Prezi allows you to create stunning visual presentations that are non-linear, and it is cloud-based so presenters can access the content anywhere and even share it with attendees. Duurza is another cool interactive presentation tool with a lot of great features. This software allows you to push the presentation out to the audience’s smart devices as well as incorporate live polling, feedback forms, and surveys, moderated questions from the audience, group exercises, and more.

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