Expert Opinion: Pop Culture & Events in 2016

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Popular culture plays an enormous role in event planning, and between the release of Star Wars, holograms of Whitney Houston, and the surge of 3D printing, 2015 was a big year for popular culture. According to BizBash, the following events for the past year are expected to make big waves in the industry in 2016.


Movies – Events based around films are always fun and engaging, and we expect the Star Wars craze to continue into 2016. Meanwhile, the upcoming release of the revamped Ghost Busters franchise may translate to more 80s-themed parties.


Music – Adele just released her new album, and there were numerous live Broadway musicals on television. Expect to see more “natural-sounding vocal performances” at events.


Political & Cultural Events – 2016 is a presidential election year and since Election Day isn’t until November, expect to see a ton of events leading up to it during the year. Brazil is also slated to host the Summer Olympics, meaning viewing parties with Carnival themes and all.


Colors – According to experts, event attendees yearn for reassurance and security, especially with so much global unrest. Luckily, a good color pallet can make this happen. Event color schemes in 2016 will include cool grays, winter whites, dusty roses, olive greens and deep purples.


cor – Next year will usher in an era of clashing décor – think weathered meets smooth, industrial meets natural, and bohemian meets organized.    


Technology – Some experts boldly predict that 2016’s top-selling concert will be a hologram. This past November, New York’s Apollo Theater introduced a show featuring a holographic Billie Holiday while a hologram of Whitney Houston and Richard Pryor are scheduled to hit the road – sadly they’re different productions.


Read more about 2016 event planning trends at BizBash.


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