Fourth Wall’s 4 Fundamentals of Event Planning

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There’s no single answer to the question, “How do I plan the best event possible?” However, there are several fundamentals that every event needs and the team at Fourth Wall is prepared to walk you through them.

  1. Focus on experience – Making an event look good is one thing, but to make it memorable it should be a one-of-a-kind experience. Captivating attendees and holding their attention from start to finish will prevent any boredom and have them gearing up for the next event.
  2. Tell a story – Event attendees want to be part of an experience, and the best way to accomplish this is by telling a story. Whether the purpose of your event is to work towards a common objective (such as a fundraiser) or it’s to promote your brand (such as a product launch), make the audience familiar with your cause by getting personal.  
  3. Stick to mechanics– Ask 100 event planners about the mechanics of throwing an event and you’ll get 100 different answers. What we mean at Fourth Wall is that the mechanics of a truly great event evoke a sense of competitiveness and achievement, which can be accomplished through a learning and engaging environment.
  4. Embrace technology– Many everyday people tend to shy away from technology, but these days it’s the heart and soul of the event industry. Individual tech programs track attendee activity, allowing you to collect critical feedback, while social media platforms allow attendees to connect before, during, and after your event.

These fundamentals provide the foundation for a great event, but the planning process still requires a ton of legwork. Luckily, the dedicated team at Fourth Wall Events is here to do the heavy lifting. Partner with us today!

One thought on “Fourth Wall’s 4 Fundamentals of Event Planning

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I can’t imagine putting together an event today without being sure to include some sort of social media interaction, so it’s good to see that mentioned here. Encouraging event attendees to interact via social media platforms not only connects people attending the same event, but it also brings you feedback about what people enjoyed and how the event could be improved for next time.

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