Fuel Your Event With the Help of Repeat Attendees

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Convincing new attendees to come to your event can be tough, but getting attendees to revisit your event time-after-time is the real challenge.

Numerous events rely on repeat attendees to keep them successful over the years, and according to Event Manager Blog, the following strategies will keep them engaged and coming back for more.

  1. Invest in customer service
    Every great event experience starts with fantastic customer service. Attendees who feel valued and excited are much more likely to attend a future event. A welcoming check-in area with lots a signage as well as friendly and knowledgeable staff creates a great first impression. In fact, we recently highlightedsix ways to create a successful check-in area to help streamline the process.
  2. Don’t recycle too much
    “Cookie cutter” events are great if you have a new group of attendees every time, but if you want repeat attendees, you need to limit what you recycle. This includes everything from décor and entertainment to speakers and activities. Try surveying former attendees to see what they’d like to see at future events to gain new ideas.
  3. Incentivize repeat attendance
    A normal perk for loyal attendees is a discount of future admission. This adds significant incentive and also shows that you appreciate their continued support. Providing a physical item for returning attendees, such as a special nametag indicating how many times they’ve been in attendance, will add a nice personal touch.
  4. Promote engagement
    There are numerous ways to engage attendees, allowing them to interact with each other, presenters, and the environment around them.Your event requires a strong social media presence, giving repeat attendees the chance to become one of your most reliable marketing tools by engaging with friends and colleagues before, during, and after the event.
  5. Make them feel like part of the experience
    Attendees are your most respected critics, so take full advantage of their opinions. By collecting attendee feedback, including everything from opinions on gifts and venue to presentations and location, provides a sense of ownership and makes attendees feel like they’re part of the experience.

Repeat attendees are the fuel of your events, and will significantly contribute to their success. The team at Fourth Wall Events can help you plan an unforgettable experience and have attendees coming back for more. Partner with us today!


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