Miracle on 34th Street

Background: Imagine recreating the memorable experience of watching a classic holiday movie with your parents or loved ones on the sofa while sipping on hot cocoa. Fourth Wall Events was asked to do just that on the busy streets of Herald Square, NYC to kick off the holiday season. Our team created an all-day outdoor family room wonderland designed to put a large-scale public twist on a classic scene. Pedestrians enjoyed warming and comfortable moments while they took in viewings of A Miracle on 34th Street.

Creative Solutions: Fourth Wall Events designed vintage living room vignettes complete with eclectic sofas, rocking chairs, easy chairs, wooden coffee tables, heat sources, and braided carpets. Guests could also choose to sit and relax in our pop-up café seating area set with white chairs and bright red linens. Our drive-in style pedestrian holiday theatre experience was fully equipped with a custom-branded food truck that served guests hot cocoa, peppermint sticks, and apple cider. Recycled cup holders, table tents with show times, throw pillows, and signage were all branded with the client’s logo. Additionally, a staff as readily prepared as that of a major league baseball grounds crew was on-site to tackle any weather related issues as to not let the magic moment be disrupted.