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Hotel Fees Surge in 2015, Are Your Event Guests Prepared?

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Hotels and corporate events go hand-in-hand. Many of your guests will rely on hotels for accommodations, especially if they’re attending from a far distance. However, a recent report showing a rise in hotel costs could make attending your next corporate event a bit more expensive for your guest list.


According to a recent report from the Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism, fees and surcharges are expected to reach a record-high $2.47 billion in 2015. This is following a record $2.35 billion collected last year.    


“The increase for 2015 reflects a combination of approximately 3.0 percent more occupied hotel rooms than in 2014, more charging of fees and surcharges, and higher amounts charged, for a total increase of approximately 5.0 percent,” Dr. Bjorn Hanson wrote in the annual trend analysis report.


Examples of the fees and surcharges considered include resort or amenity fees, early departure fees, reservation cancellation fees, Internet fees, telephone call surcharges, business center fees, room service delivery surcharges, and parking, among others.


Despite rising costs, hotels are great venues for corporate events. Want to learn more about the benefits of hosting your event at a hotel? Curious to see the Fourth Wall Events Sourcing Team in action to provide costs savings and maximum ROI on your hotel dollar spend? Contact Fourth Wall Events today! 

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