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Keeping it Clean: How to Avoid Trashing Your Venue in 5 Easy Steps

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Keeping the venue clean is a key part of maintaining a healthy venue relationship and ensuring a successful event. But a clean venue isn’t always easy to manage, especially with a large event or events that involve food or drink: These five steps will help you avoid any mess – as well as the negative side effects.

1. Read the Guidelines

As you can see with our quick example of IPWF, many venues have handy guidelines that they provide anyone who wants to use the facilities. These guidelines contain many important points on how to keep a clean venue and deal with (or avoid) event trash. That includes what sort of decorations can be used, when event items must be removed, what sort of insurance or liability issues are involved in cleaning an event, and more data. If a venue contracts with a third party cleaning service – a very common step for many large professional venues – then they should also provide information on this service as well. You may want to take a look at these third party guidelines.

2. Plan Within the Timeframe

The guidelines should include a time when you and all your supplies, etc., need to be moved out of the venue. Make all your organization plans based on this timeframe, and give your team a large buffer to take care of any unexpected issues. It usually takes longer than you would anticipate to get everyone out and everything cleaned up, so knowing the deadline well ahead of time – and preparing for it – is key.

3. Issue Your Own Rules

It is perfectly acceptable to issue rules and reminders to all attendees about what to do with their event trash and how they can keep the venue clean, either via email, message or pamphlet. Attendees will understand that you want to keep a healthy relationship with the venue and will (mostly) honor any requests you make. This is also a great time to let them know where trash receptacles are via signs and maps, including an extra trash bags you may want to set up yourself. Remember, you can often decrease trash by making your event as digital and paperless as possible.

4. Appoint Clean-Up Gurus (Or Contract a Cleaning Service)

Appoint a couple staff members to be in charge of clean-up efforts, trash bags, and everything else related to dealing with trash, spills, and related incidents. Things will only get done if someone is in charge and taking responsibility. Alternatively, consider hiring a cleaning service of your own if one is not provided by the venue itself – the costs are higher, but you save time and labor.

5. Talk About It With the Venue

Communication, as always, is key! If you have any questions about what to do with trash or how to take care of accidents, talk about it with your venue contact. Chances are good that they have a lot of experience dealing with these issues, and they will appreciate that you care enough to keep communication channels open.

Have more questions about keeping a clean venue? Contact Fourth Wall Events and let us know your plans: We can find a solution that works for everyone!

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