How to Measure Event Attendee Satisfaction

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One of the best ways to measure the success of an event is by looking at event attendee satisfaction. With this metric, you can determine what worked and what did not, which can help you make improvements and provide a better attendee experience. Getting feedback from attendees is vital to measuring satisfaction levels, and there are several ways that you can collect this information.

Conduct post-event surveys.

Creating post-event surveys or questionnaires is one of the simplest ways to get feedback from your event attendees. Think carefully about what questions you would like to ask and consider how each will help you get the information you need to determine satisfaction levels and make future improvements. This survey can be sent out to attendees via email and the results can be instantly calculated using survey software. Using a rating scale of 1 to 10 or asking the participant to place a number based on what they enjoyed most help you better determine what was most and least successful.

Monitor feedback on social media.

Social media is another great place to gauge attendees feelings about the event. You can use your own social media channels to ask for feedback or simply monitor the discussion that’s occurring online. For instance, you might look at the discussion revolving around the event hashtag to see what attendees enjoyed most or what questions they still had. You can then reach out to those who have participated in the discussion individually to ask them what they enjoyed most or what improvements they would like to see.

Use the mobile event app to collect data.

If you have created a mobile event app, use this to collect data. You can incorporate surveys and ask for feedback right on the app. You might also ask attendees to rate their experience or rate each individual speaker or presentation. If your app allows attendees to plan their agenda, you can use this information to see which presentations or activities had the most interest or were attended by the most amount of people. All of this information helps you make gauge satisfaction and make improvements.

Reach out to individual participants.

Another way to measure audience satisfaction is by reaching out to specific attendees individually. These attendees may be picked at random or you can use the data that you already have on these customers (like their job function or industry) to choose those you consider influencers or closest to your target market. This allows you to get more detailed feedback than you are able to get in the survey. Use this information to make improvements and gather testimonials or quotes to use for future event promotions. Since this type of feedback requires more of a time commitment, consider giving participants something for their time like a gift card or company discount.

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