Fourth Wall Events
Fourth Wall Events

Meet Our Team

Project Coordinator

Jillian Boccia

Guilty Pleasure: Real Housewives of NYC

Pets: The most sad-looking, floppy princess of a puppy ever, Molly the Basset Hound (Instagram is in the making)


What’s on my nightstand: An abundance of empty or half-drunk Poland Spring sparkling waters, a Macbook that’s sole purpose is to take up space and collect dust, books that I have attempted to read 3+ times but never completed, and BURTS BEES.

Business Development Manager

Rachel Bandarenko

What I do: I work with my clients and our team to create events that exceed expectations.

Why I love doing it: I love creating a memory.

What’s on my nightstand: A stack of unread magazines and my iPhone. I always have the best intentions when I renew my “Economist” subscription every year. Sadly, I just don’t think I’m quite that smart.

Craziest Hobby: Snapping instant Polaroid pictures. No filter needed.

Believe it or not: I grew up on a farm in the middle of Pennsylvania. Yes, I know how to milk a cow and make jam.

Guilty Pleasure: DVF wrap dresses. It’s an addiction.

Project Manager

Veronica Carletto

Craziest hobby: Snowboarding

Believe it or not: I have 2 Bunnies, Maxx & Noelle

Guilty pleasure: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Favorite Thing to do outside of work: Garden/Cook

Embarrassing iTunes Purchase: Is not making a purchase embarrassing?

Business Development Manager

Elliott Elsner

What I do:  I work with an incredible team of creative professionals to produce memorable meetings, conferences and event experiences for our clients all over the world.

Why I love doing it:  Every day presents new challenges + I get to travel

What’s on my night stand:  A lamp + whatever I’m reading this week!

Craziest hobby:  Drinking Wine…It’s a hobby and I’m crazy about it

Believe it or not:  I came in 2nd in a national Dennis the Menace look-alike contest

Guilty pleasure:  Star Trek or Mysteries at the Museum (any season, any series…I own it =)

Favorite Thing to do outside of work:  Travel, Sleep and SOUL!

Embarrassing iTunes Purchase:  Tori Kelley album (but she kills it!)

Director of Destination Management

Becky Ford

What I do: Collaborate with my team in creating memorable, bespoke experiences in NYC

Why I love doing it: I enjoy taking care of people and I love details – this allows me to do both!

Craziest hobby: Kickboxing

Believe it or not: I auditioned for Teen Jeopardy

Guilty pleasure: Watching the “Real Housewives” franchise… Although it could be considered work/venue research if watching the NYC series


Favorite movie: The Godfather 

Favorite food: Nachos with A LOT of cheese and toppings

Fear: A rat getting into the subway car… And then the doors closing behind it, EEK!

Project Manager

Jonathan Foresythe

Vice President

Carvie Gillikin

What I do: I work with an amazing team of creative professionals to produce memorable meetings and events for our clients, also known as our friends. Together we exceed expectations.

Why I love doing it: I love thinking big and creating the perfect solution to help our client meet their business goals

Pets: Sailor, Pete, Junior, Wheezer, Gus, Lucy, Ricky, Freddy, Skipper, Bucks, Poncho, Buddha, Peppy

Weirdest job I’ve had: School Bus Driver

Craziest hobby: I enjoy competing in local, regional and national rodeos on the amateur circuit.

Favorite thing to do outside work: Anything on the farm to include landscaping, riding horses and entertaining friends.


Project Manager

Desiree Grenay

What I do: Based on our client’s objectives and direction I design, procure, craft and coordinate logistics to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Why I love doing it: The same reason I loved working in theater production: it is extremely satisfying to create meaningful experiences that guests and audiences will remember for years to come.

What’s on my nightstand: My favorite mid-century fiberglass gooseneck lamp, alarm clock, ear plugs, latest sewing project I hope to finish someday & the past 20 New Yorker Mags (I just can’t seem to keep up with them).

Believe it or not:  My favorite season is Winter – the colder the better.

Pet:  Wookiee, our Cairn Terrier Mix – AKA “The Wooks”; AKA “Alexander Wookieeton”

Home Town: Phoenix, AZ


Neva Griffin

What I do: I am the person who keeps control of the checkbook.  No one can spend money unless they go through me.

Why I love doing it: I enjoy Bookkeeping, I get to utilize multiple skills simultaneously such as mathematics and problem solving. I love working at Fourth Wall Events because it’s an amazing company culture. Every day when I come to work I’m around my peers who have become an extension of my family.

What’s on my nightstand: A glass of water, my tablet, my Bible and The 7 Habits of Highly effective People by Stephen Covey

Craziest hobby: Reading and playing games

Believe it or not:  I’m the mother of a beautiful 26 year old daughter (2016)



Jeff Guberman

What I do: Design incredible experiences for amazing clients, and lead a team that I am exceptionally proud of.

Why I love doing it: I love imagining something that has never been done or seen before, showing a client how it can solve their problem, and then make it a reality. It feels like alchemy.

Year started working in the industry: 1921

Pets: Turtle names Baby Turtle. He is a turtle.

Favorite movie: Veronica Mars


Project Manager

Fabio Marcolini

What I do: On the side of designing and executing our engaging experiences, I add the icing on the cake on our marketing materials and event collateral with amazing graphics.

Why I love doing it: I am passionate about creativity, both within marketing and events.

Hometown: Uberlandia, Brazil. (Erm, no… We did not create Uber)

Favorite thing outside of work: Travel… I have visited 27 countries and lived in 4.

Weirdest job I’ve ever had: Giving demos of this ‘revolutionary’ hair curling iron.

Favorite place to vacation: I’m a beach-bum, so I love Thailand, Greece, and definitely Brazil.

Director of Sourcing & Meeting Planning

Marissa Mays

What I do: I’m the Director of Venue Sourcing & Meeting Planning – working to ensure we have a smooth process from inception through execution for all venue sourcing and meeting projects.

Favorite thing to do outside of work: I love to explore and find hidden gems (restaurants and bars) through out the world with my husband.

Embarrassing iTunes purchase: The Hannah Montana soundtrack – kept my 5 year old (at the time) cousin occupied and singing during a trafficy road trip together.

Favorite movie: Casino

What’s on my nightstand: No less than 3 water bottles at any given time, the first photo ever taken of me and my husband, head phones and my phone charger.

Guilty pleasure: Strawberry Ice Cream.

Project Manager

Katie Mulligan

What I do: I do it all… Research, pricing quotes, on-site support and baking marshmallow brownies!

Home town: Summit, NJ

Pets: Ziggy the fish on my desk. I have killed seven fish, but Ziggy won’t be #8. He’s made of plastic.

Favorite food: EVERYTHING but especially right now pizza, burgers, and anything with ICING!

Favorite place to vacation: My lake house because it’s been passed down on my dad’s side of the family and it’s very special to us.


Project Manager

Bryan Prywes

What I do: Coming soon.

Why I love doing it: Coming soon.

Hometown: Coming soon.

Craziest hobby: Coming soon.

Believe it or not: Coming soon.

Favorite thing to do outside work: Coming soon.

Project Manager

Sarah Taylor

What I do:  Plan and execute the ultimate New York City experience for our clients and their guests.

Why I love doing it:  My favorite quote by Maya Angelou says it best, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I love creating an experience that evokes a feeling that is everlasting.

Pets:  Two Pomeranians – Nugget and Po

Believe it or not:  I LOVE pandas!!! When deciding to get a new dog I purposely chose one that resembled a panda. I named him Po after Kung Fu Panda and the panda at the Atlanta zoo.

Guilty pleasure:  Shoes, you can never have too many shoes.

Favorite place to vacation:  Anywhere with warm weather and a beach.

Fear:  Lizards, you would think after living in Florida for most of my life I would have faced this fear… instead I fled to New York.

Project Manager

Jason Weible

Perverse or Embarrassing iTunes Purchase:  I’m not going to lie, but you’ll find the Spice Girls on my iTunes playlist including some music from Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice).  They tell me what I want, what I really, really want, zigzag, ha!

Believe it or not:  I’ve bought coffee for and had birthday cake with Golden Girl’s great Rue McClanahan.

Favorite Movie: On the Waterfront.  I could have been a contender!

Weirdest Job:  As a member of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Order of the Royal Guard I served as the Sergeant of the Guard protecting King Boreas from the evil Vulcans and their overthrow of winter.    Okay it was an unpaid volunteer position for a year representing the city of St. Paul, MN but it was still a lot of work.

Fear:  Squirrels, although I’m getting better.   It’s a long story but you have one in your kitchen and you’d fear them too.