Fourth Wall Events
Fourth Wall Events

Meet Our Team

Business Development Director

Tom Andrika

What I do: I provide meeting and event professionals from around the globe with a team they can trust and the peace of mind they are going to be successful.

Why I love doing it: I love what I do because my colleagues are like my family and I get to experience true magic with my clients and their guests.

What’s on my nightstand: My bedroom can only fit one nightstand and it’s not on my side of the bed.

Craziest hobby: Collecting sea glass from the beaches I visit for my mom

Believe it or not: I once auditioned for American Idol.

Guilty pleasure: If there’s karaoke somewhere, I’ll be the first to sign up and wow the entire crowd, even if it’s just two people.

Project Manager

Rocco L. Arrigo

What I do: Design, produce and execute larger-scale events. Using a theme or idea by the client, I design a world that interacts with all the senses. From the colors to be used, stage design, venue, entertainment, menu, interactive elements, branding opportunity, and much more, all customized.

Why I love doing it: The design allows my creative thinking to flourish and the changes and updates that clients tend to give, are even more stimulating. Watching a space transform and hearing clients/guests reactions are thrilling. It is a small way I can cause joy in the world.

Hometown: Born in Pittsburgh, GO STEELERS!

Craziest hobby: Volunteering…if you knew how many organizations I was a part of you would understand why it’s crazy.

Believe it or not: I know American Sign Language and am in the Guinness Book of World Records

Favorite thing to do outside work: Hang out with my friends, trying new restaurants, seeing Theater, or playing Cards Against Humanity

Business Development Manager

Rachel Bandarenko

What I do: I work with my clients and our team to create events that exceed expectations.

Why I love doing it: I love creating a memory.

What’s on my nightstand: A stack of unread magazines and my iPhone. I always have the best intentions when I renew my “Economist” subscription every year. Sadly, I just don’t think I’m quite that smart.

Craziest Hobby: Snapping instant Polaroid pictures. No filter needed.

Believe it or not: I grew up on a farm in the middle of Pennsylvania. Yes, I know how to milk a cow and make jam.

Guilty Pleasure: DVF wrap dresses. It’s an addiction.

Project Manager

Veronica Carletto

Craziest hobby: Snowboarding

Believe it or not: I have 2 Bunnies, Maxx & Noelle

Guilty pleasure: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Favorite Thing to do outside of work: Garden/Cook

Embarrassing iTunes Purchase: Is not making a purchase embarrassing?

Director of Incentives & West Coast Operations

Morgan Connacher

What I do: I oversee our global incentive programs and our office in Southern California. My team gets to work on the challenge of providing creative incentive event design and logistics in different locations all over the world each year.

Why I love doing it: Getting to work at new properties, meet new vendors and develop creative ideas that work for our participants all over the world is exciting every day! I love the challenge of designing events that are new and unique but also meeting client needs and maximizing budget. I live for that 10 minute span after the event is underway and everyone is enjoying when you can be content with the work you’ve done (before you start planning to strike it all in a few hours!). I’m also really lucky because the team of people I get to work with are like family!

Year started working in the industry: In 2002 I started planning free events or my college campus. My exact thoughts: “Wait, I get to use someone else’s money to throw parties?!” In 2005 I moved to NYC to work for a scenic design company.

Perverse or embarrassing iTunes purchase: I downloaded some of Jenni Pulos’ (from Bravo’s Flipping Out) kids rap music for my son. My husband will probably disown me, but I think rapping about poo in the potty is hilarious. Favorite thing to do outside work: Go with my family to the San Diego Zoo or enjoy one of the San Diego’s 85+ craft breweries!

Business Development Manager

Elliott Elsner

What I do:  I work with an incredible team of creative professionals to produce memorable meetings, conferences and event experiences for our clients all over the world.

Why I love doing it:  Every day presents new challenges + I get to travel

What’s on my night stand:  A lamp + whatever I’m reading this week!

Craziest hobby:  Drinking Wine…It’s a hobby and I’m crazy about it

Believe it or not:  I came in 2nd in a national Dennis the Menace look-alike contest

Guilty pleasure:  Star Trek or Mysteries at the Museum (any season, any series…I own it =)

Favorite Thing to do outside of work:  Travel, Sleep and SOUL!

Embarrassing iTunes Purchase:  Tori Kelley album (but she kills it!)

Director of Destination Management

Becky Ford

What I do: Collaborate with my team in creating memorable, bespoke experiences in NYC

Why I love doing it: I enjoy taking care of people and I love details – this allows me to do both!

Craziest hobby: Kickboxing

Believe it or not: I auditioned for Teen Jeopardy

Guilty pleasure: Watching the “Real Housewives” franchise… Although it could be considered work/venue research if watching the NYC series


Favorite movie: The Godfather 

Favorite food: Nachos with A LOT of cheese and toppings

Fear: A rat getting into the subway car… And then the doors closing behind it, EEK!

Vice President

Carvie Gillikin

What I do: I work with an amazing team of creative professionals to produce memorable meetings and events for our clients, also known as our friends. Together we exceed expectations.

Why I love doing it: I love thinking big and creating the perfect solution to help our client meet their business goals

Pets: Sailor, Pete, Junior, Wheezer, Gus, Lucy, Ricky, Freddy, Skipper, Bucks, Poncho, Buddha, Peppy

Weirdest job I’ve had: School Bus Driver

Craziest hobby: I enjoy competing in local, regional and national rodeos on the amateur circuit.

Favorite thing to do outside work: Anything on the farm to include landscaping, riding horses and entertaining friends.


Project Manager

Desiree Grenay

What I do: Based on our client’s objectives and direction I design, procure, craft and coordinate logistics to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Why I love doing it: The same reason I loved working in theater production: it is extremely satisfying to create meaningful experiences that guests and audiences will remember for years to come.

What’s on my nightstand: My favorite mid-century fiberglass gooseneck lamp, alarm clock, ear plugs, latest sewing project I hope to finish someday & the past 20 New Yorker Mags (I just can’t seem to keep up with them).

Believe it or not:  My favorite season is Winter – the colder the better.

Pet:  Wookiee, our Cairn Terrier Mix – AKA “The Wooks”; AKA “Alexander Wookieeton”

Home Town: Phoenix, AZ


Neva Griffin

What I do: I am the person who keeps control of the checkbook.  No one can spend money unless they go through me.

Why I love doing it: I enjoy Bookkeeping, I get to utilize multiple skills simultaneously such as mathematics and problem solving. I love working at Fourth Wall Events because it’s an amazing company culture. Every day when I come to work I’m around my peers who have become an extension of my family.

What’s on my nightstand: A glass of water, my tablet, my Bible and The 7 Habits of Highly effective People by Stephen Covey

Craziest hobby: Reading and playing games

Believe it or not:  I’m the mother of a beautiful 26 year old daughter (2016)



Jeff Guberman

What I do: Design incredible experiences for amazing clients, and lead a team that I am exceptionally proud of.

Why I love doing it: I love imagining something that has never been done or seen before, showing a client how it can solve their problem, and then make it a reality. It feels like alchemy.

Year started working in the industry: 1921

Pets: Turtle names Baby Turtle. He is a turtle.

Favorite movie: Veronica Mars


Marketing and Projects Coordinator

Fabio Marcolini

What I do: On the side of designing and executing our engaging experiences, I add the icing on the cake on our marketing materials and event collateral with amazing graphics.

Why I love doing it: I am passionate about creativity, both within marketing and events.

Hometown: Uberlandia, Brazil. (Erm, no… We did not create Uber)

Favorite thing outside of work: Travel… I have visited 27 countries and lived in 4.

Weirdest job I’ve ever had: Giving demos of this ‘revolutionary’ hair curling iron.

Favorite place to vacation: I’m a beach-bum, so I love Thailand, Greece, and definitely Brazil.

Director of Sourcing & Meeting Planning

Marissa Mays

What I do: I’m the Director of Venue Sourcing & Meeting Planning – working to ensure we have a smooth process from inception through execution for all venue sourcing and meeting projects.

Favorite thing to do outside of work: I love to explore and find hidden gems (restaurants and bars) through out the world with my husband.

Embarrassing iTunes purchase: The Hannah Montana soundtrack – kept my 5 year old (at the time) cousin occupied and singing during a trafficy road trip together.

Favorite movie: Casino

What’s on my nightstand: No less than 3 water bottles at any given time, the first photo ever taken of me and my husband, head phones and my phone charger.

Guilty pleasure: Strawberry Ice Cream.

Project Manager

Katie Mulligan

What I do: I do it all… Research, pricing quotes, on-site support and baking marshmallow brownies!

Home town: Summit, NJ

Pets: Ziggy the fish on my desk. I have killed seven fish, but Ziggy won’t be #8. He’s made of plastic.

Favorite food: EVERYTHING but especially right now pizza, burgers, and anything with ICING!

Favorite place to vacation: My lake house because it’s been passed down on my dad’s side of the family and it’s very special to us.


Project Manager

Sarah Taylor

What I do:  Plan and execute the ultimate New York City experience for our clients and their guests.

Why I love doing it:  My favorite quote by Maya Angelou says it best, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I love creating an experience that evokes a feeling that is everlasting.

Pets:  Two Pomeranians – Nugget and Po

Believe it or not:  I LOVE pandas!!! When deciding to get a new dog I purposely chose one that resembled a panda. I named him Po after Kung Fu Panda and the panda at the Atlanta zoo.

Guilty pleasure:  Shoes, you can never have too many shoes.

Favorite place to vacation:  Anywhere with warm weather and a beach.

Fear:  Lizards, you would think after living in Florida for most of my life I would have faced this fear… instead I fled to New York.

Project Manager

Jason Weible

Perverse or Embarrassing iTunes Purchase:  I’m not going to lie, but you’ll find the Spice Girls on my iTunes playlist including some music from Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice).  They tell me what I want, what I really, really want, zigzag, ha!

Believe it or not:  I’ve bought coffee for and had birthday cake with Golden Girl’s great Rue McClanahan.

Favorite Movie: On the Waterfront.  I could have been a contender!

Weirdest Job:  As a member of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Order of the Royal Guard I served as the Sergeant of the Guard protecting King Boreas from the evil Vulcans and their overthrow of winter.    Okay it was an unpaid volunteer position for a year representing the city of St. Paul, MN but it was still a lot of work.

Fear:  Squirrels, although I’m getting better.   It’s a long story but you have one in your kitchen and you’d fear them too.