Meeting Sourcing

At Fourth Wall Events, our meeting sourcing department is valuable for a variety of reasons. We have worldwide resources, bulk buying power and exceptional negotiation skills, and all enable us to work on your behalf.

Worldwide Hotel Sourcing

Fourth Wall Events has built very strong relationships with major brand hotels throughout the world. This gives us access to extraordinary meeting locations at times of the year when accommodations may otherwise be challenging to acquire. Our clients also benefit from our bulk-buying power and our team knows where these hotels are most likely to add concessions. Additionally, we excel at negotiating with our hotel partners. While competitors evaluate a property based on room and food costs, we use our own, established set of criteria, to evaluate hotel properties which helps us better determine the actual estimate of the overall hotel budget. This gives our clients the advantage of having more information to make educated decisions.

Venue Evaluation and Sourcing

Your meeting venue can have a significant impact on the productivity and goals of your meeting. These venues vary widely in what they offer in terms of atmosphere, location, value added services, and technology. Our venue evaluation services help you determine the best and most appropriate venue for your meeting. At Fourth Wall Events, we can find suitable traditional meeting space or source a unique space that can serve a more dramatic backdrop for your meeting. Shareholders meetings and sales meetings alike can add sizzle with a creative meeting venue. If you are planning product launches, press events, experiential events or incentives, our venue event sourcing services can help you create the desired impact.

Put The FWE Experts to Work for You

Fourth Wall Events has a team of creative meeting planning specialists. Our staff is comprised of:

  • Site evaluation specialists
  • Venue experts
  • Production and technology professionals

Our diverse staff allows us to minimize outsourcing and maximizes your return on investment and our relationships, buying power, and negotiating skills add value to your meeting. We employ strategic meeting management software which also adds value and is provided at no additional cost.

Contact us today and let's discuss how best to get your message across. We think you'll quickly see the benefits of working with a creative team that understands the bottom line of business meetings. If your mission is to create a flawless meeting that reaches your company's strategic goals, count on Fourth Wall Events.