Microsoft’s Answer to Event Planning

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Here at Fourth Wall Events, we love apps for our smartphones. Android and iPhone apps make event planning so much easier, and we even recently took the time to highlight five of our favorites in the past. But now, Microsoft has announced its plan to make a jump into the event planning app space, and we really hope it makes a splash. The tech giant recently introduced Tossup, a social polling app that allows friends and guests to vote on aspects of event details, including where to meet, what restaurant to choose, as well as RSVP. Furthermore, Tossup features a general opinion-gathering function, which will help ensure your event is tailored to the guest list. “It’s an ideal tool to make decisions about timing, availability, what to do, nearby venues and spending limits,” Microsoft said in a blog post. “Information for restaurants is pulled from Bing – opening hours, reviews, addresses, etc. – to help make decisions.” But before you can start using Tossup to streamline your event planning process, you have to register both your phone number and Facebook account or email address. Once this is done, you’ll be able to blast out questions and polls to your guests list, such as “What cuisine do we want?” or “What kind of music are we feeling?” and the rest is up to the masses. However, if you don’t have faith that your guest list will have the best opinions that will make for a great event, ask a dedicated team member at Fourth Wall Events who does!

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