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Recruiting Event Volunteers Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache

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Volunteers are valuable tools, and if used correctly, they can help make your next corporate event a massive success. However, just because someone is volunteering to help out free of charge doesn’t mean they’re the right fit. Consider the following tips from eventmanagerblog.com to find the perfect volunteer.   Recruit from an appropriate location Building a like-minded team from scratch helps if everyone has the same priorities. Start by looking internally either at your own company or the organization putting on the event. If you still come up shorthanded, online postings on volunteer boards or through local college websites is another great way to review candidates.   Set expectations The more information you provide to volunteers upfront the better. It will give them an exact idea of their responsibilities. Setting expectations for candidates, while also outlining what they can expect from you, such as time commitments, applications to complete, and pre- and post-event requirements are solid building blocks.   Communicate Regularly talking to volunteers will make you seem open and approachable, which will make them more comfortable with the arrangement. Host a training session to build relationships with your volunteers. Establishing a relationship also allows volunteers to work at future events.   Follow up and collect feedback The best way to ensure volunteers enjoy their experience is to get their feedback once the event is over. Taking their recommendations and refining your volunteer program is a win-win for everyone.   Large corporate events can be difficult to manage without the help of volunteers. Fourth Wall Events has years of experience helping our clients find the perfect fit. Let us show you the way.

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