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These are the Social Media Platforms Your 2016/2017 Event Should be Using

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Social media changes fast, and that’s part of its challenge: To understand which social media platforms will be effective in reaching attendees, you need to know 1)what social platforms attendees are currently using and 2)which have the features you need to engage and spread information. For some businesses this is easy, because they already have corporate-wide platforms that everyone uses. But if you’re in charge of picking a new social app for your next event, this decision is much more stressful. To help out, we’ve collected several of the most popular social media platforms for business events – let’s take a look at why they work.


LinkedIn is typically the bread and butter of event planning social media, and for good reason. A vast number of professionals use the platform, it’s very easy to create discussions or groups, and it’s an ideal place to use for networking and communication throughout the event. First lesson about picking social media: If it’s not broken yet, then don’t try to fix it. This is not a time to throw a brand new media platform at attendees if you can avoid it. Instead, use what they are familiar with.

Facebook Live

Facebook may seem like an odd choice here, but event planners should take notice of Facebook Live, which is rapidly replacing Meerkat and other platforms as an excellent livestreaming option for companies and events. In this case, chasing after the trend holds many advantages: Attendees are probably at least passingly familiar with Facebook, which makes it easy to invite them to a Facebook Live event and an associated Facebook group or event. Then you have a built-in feature to stream important presentations to those who cannot make it!


Images have never been more powerful in social media. And Instagram, with its built-in base and ties to Facebook, is still the ideal platform for sharing images in real time. If your business has an Instagram account, make sure you use it to share pictures of the event, keynote speakers, and more. Try to do this both before and after the event, too – it will raise interest among those who follow your Instagram profile. Afterward, you have a stock of images that you can use for related purposes when necessary!


Snapchat has been thought of as a teen-oriented, casual sharing platform for the past few years, but times are changing: The people who started using Snapchat as older teens are now young professionals, and they are still partial to the platform. As a result, we are seeing many businesses picking up Snapchat and running with it. From creating business event filters to give quick snapshots of event activities, there are plenty of ways to use Snapchat. Think of it as an Instagram replacement for particularly young, vibrant attendee demographics.

Your Blog

Ultimately, you need a place to store your longer content and explain the details of the event. Your company blog is perfect for this purpose. Just remember to tie it into other social media networks to increase the visibility of all your event news!

Do you have more questions about using social media the smart way? Contact us at Fourth Wall Events and we’ll help you find a unique solution for your next event.

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