Stimulate the 5 Senses With Your Next Corporate Event

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Stimulate the 5 Senses With Your Next Corporate EventWe use our five senses every day and often take them for granted. Whether it be sight, smell, taste, sound, or feel each sense brings something different to the table and more often than not, when you’re planning your next corporate event, you might only target two or three of them. While you may be able to pull off a successful event with only a few, offering the full package is what turns a mediocre event into a highly successful one. Luckily, with the following tips, you can take advantage of the full range.

Sight – Imagine yourself walking through the doors of the last party you attended. What is the first thing that you noticed? Chances are, the decor, the layout of the space, the arrangement of the food, and other things that can be seen were your initial focus. This is no surprise as sight is arguably the most important sense to stimulate during any corporate meeting or event. An event that is visually appealing will boast a well thought out theme with interesting decor and lighting in a unique venue. Just be careful not to over-stimulate guests with too much décor, which can often result in a cluttered, claustrophobic space. Focus on a central draw or one main wow piece and work your way out from there.

Smell – Getting the smell just right during an event can be a challenging feat, and is often influenced by the season. Our favorite aspects of any season often involve smell and incorporating this into an event is a great way to stimulate feelings and memories that inspire a calm and joyful occasion for your guests. Food, incense, and candles are three fantastic options when creating the right scent for your event and each offers a variety of choices in order to focus on your theme or even the season. During the winter, smells of cinnamon, pine trees, and baked cookies create a warm, inviting atmosphere while the spring calls for fresh and floral fragrances. There are numerous aromatic products on the market for any occasion that will do a terrific job filling your event space.

Taste – When it comes to taste, every event should spend time really focusing on the menu. Creating a robust menu for your event is of the utmost importance, and often what guests talk about the most during and after the fact. Regardless of the cost per plate or entry fee for your event, if any, food is one aspect that you do not want to forget about and almost any budget offers a variety of wonderful options. We previously outlined 10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Caterer to help with the planning process, but there are still some aspects to keep in mind. For example, if you would prefer an on-theme menu, make sure to convey this to the caterer so there won’t be clashing senses.

Sound – Nothing is more relaxing or exciting than listening to good music during an event. Music is a detail that may seem small but will actually set the tone of your event. Energy levels are created by the choice of music you decide to use and may even spark an interesting discussion among your guests. Stimulating the sense of sound at your corporate event will hinge on your overall objective. If you want attendees to mingle during a cocktail hour, try some soft background music, while a dance party will require something loud and upbeat. Meanwhile, events with scheduled lectures and speakers will need a reliable sound system that’s appropriate for the space.

Feel – Nothing is more dull than attending an event with nothing to do and zero interaction with other attendees. While there is such a thing as overkill, incorporating activities for your guests will keep spirits high and other aspects of your event interesting. Activities peppered in throughout your event can help with the overall feel and create an atmosphere of friendliness. Whether you want to promote teambuilding or get attendees sharing ideas, activities geared toward the theme of the event will significantly contribute to the overall feel and leave a memorable mark on your guests.

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