Take Advantage of Emoji-Mania at Your Next Event

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Love them or hate them, if you’re a smartphone user there’s no escaping emojis. Now you can make use of these popular emoticons at your next event, and BizBash recommends a few ways to ensure they’re a hit.

1. Create your own – There are numerous companies out there (such as Monotype) that can help design custom emojis relevant to your event.

2. Make them edible – It doesn’t matter if your attendees know about emojis if you put them on cookies. Sweets that imitate the widely recognized happy faces are definite crowd pleasers.

3. Make them part of the décor – With “emojis in the wild” you can add small figurines of favorite emojis throughout the event space. Attendees will share images of them via social media.

4. Turn them into party favors – At a recent event, BuzzFeed offered a “fortune teller booth” where attendees received a fortune based on the last emoji they used in a text message or on social media – clever, right?

5. Go big or go home – Make emojis the center of attention by projecting them on a large screen. Pair this visual draw with audiovisual effects for a truly unique environment.

We know emojis aren’t right for every event, but working with the experienced design team at Fourth Wall Events is the way to go. Partner with us today and let’s talk about how we can take your event to the next level.

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