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The Best and Worst of Event SWAG

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Stuff We All Get – better known as SWAG – is a great way to intrigue attendees at major corporate events, and it’s also a fantastic opportunity to continue marketing your brand after they go home.

There are countless items to slap your brand’s logo on and assume guests will be happy to take them back where they came from. According to HubSpot, many trinkets are happily brought home, while others might wind up in the dumpster out back.


Mobile chargers – Mobile phone users tend to plug their phones in at least once a day, so why not give them the gift of power… and remind them of your brand every time.

Seasonal items – Hosting a major corporate event during the summer? Pass out branded items meant for the season, such as beach towels, flip-flops, and Frisbees.

Moleskins – Conference guests want to write down ideas, so give them a sleek tool to do so. This doesn’t mean any old pad of paper will do, though. Moleskin products are very popular these days and come off as very tasteful.

Reusable water bottles – These days it’s all about sustainability, and the best way to show your brand cares is by distributing reusable water bottles.

Umbrellas – In the event of bad weather during your event, passing out branded umbrellas will make you look like a savvy meteorologist.


Key chains – If you’re trying to blend in with all the other companies out there, then pass out key chains.

Pens – We agree, having a writing tool available is always a good idea, but don’t hinge your entire swag game on a pen.

Large items – Many event attendees travel from far distances, don’t burden them with something they can’t fit in the overhead bin.

USB flash drives – A few years ago, flash drives were a hot item to hand out at events.  Unless you are using flash drives made of sustainable materials like bamboo, flash drives are not going to cut it. Want to share documents and info with guests, stay ahead of the curve and utilize Google Drive or Dropbox instead.

Paperweights – It’s right in the name, folks. Attendees aren’t going to want to carry around a weight all day.

Have any other unique SWAG ideas we didn’t think of? Contact Fourth Wall Events!

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