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The Future of Event Guest Entertainment

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Entertainment doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of your next event, but it can certainly help break it up and keep guests engaged. In the past, this could be easily accomplished with a simple raffle or guest speaker. But with audiences with shrinking attention spans, Special Events Magazine says the future of event entertainment is interactive.   “Interactive entertainment is growing by leaps and bounds,” Rolando Espinoza, creative director of Champagne Creative Group told the publication. “Corporate event audiences, in particular, attend many fantastic events all year long, so keeping them engaged is sometimes difficult, so a built-to-share ‘wow factor’ is incredibly important.”   New interactive event elements include LED touch pads, sophisticated temporary tattoos, and paint-by-numbers-style Post-it Note art walls. Sharing is also a big part of growing entertainment trends. Attendees want to be part of something they can share after the fact with friends and colleagues on social media.   Although bigger doesn’t always mean better, as intimacy has much more appeal now than it did in the past. An intimate environment can be difficult to create, especially at large corporate events. However, it can be done. One example, instead of putting musical entertainment on a large central stage, a small unplugged session could be preferable. One of the many perks of intimate entertainment is that it allows for numerous themes, rather a grand overarching one.

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