The Unexpected Sales Professional

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And you may find yourself in a beautiful suit with a beautiful tie and you may ask yourself…how did I get here? This is not my beautiful suit. This is not my beautiful tie. As a twenty something, I didn’t enter the workforce with the intention of being in sales. “Sales” was for old men with briefcases and I’m pretty sure I read a book in high school where a salesman died… no thanks! All I wanted was to earn enough scratch for beer money and guitar strings. Real life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. Rock star dreams were replaced with the reality of playing for an audience of 10 at a dive bar and coming up short on rent. I caved. I took a job with a corporate event staging company and so began my journey. My routine consisted of pushing road cases and pulling audio cable, but something else was happening that I didn’t even realize. I was meeting different people from all walks of life with interesting stories (anyone who has spent time with union stage hands knows what I’m talking about). I was forging friendships and building a reputation. After a year of being the F.N.G. (Friggin New Guy) I found myself in a position of limited responsibility. I was even expected to communicate with clients and make decisions on-­‐site – two scary things for a young lad like myself. But as time passed, my industry experience grew and so did my confidence. I began to think about my career… wait a minute, do I have a career now?! It was time to consult with one of those briefcase-­‐toting sales guys – my dad. He explained that what I was already doing was the hardest part of sales and that all I needed was to focus my energy and learn some skills to really make progress. I decided to take control of my career (still feels weird saying I have a career) and go after a sales position. Many trials and tribulations later, I’m still trying to improve my sales skills, but the one constant that has never steered me wrong was to be true to myself. Even though I’ve sold different products and services over the years, I’ve always presented myself honestly to customers and I truly feel that is the key to success. My dream job would still be a famous musician, but being a sales professional is a close second!

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