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Where Vacations and Events Can Be the Same Thing

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Do you feel a little nervous about asking attendees to devote an entire weekend or evening to yet another corporate function? Why not mix things up and offer an event that can feel like a vacation? If that seems unlikely to you, just check out these popular conference options and how they offer entertainment as well.

The Resort Conference

This is a popular option when distance is not factor in event planning and attendees can buy tickets to a popular getaway, tropical or otherwise. The advantage here is that many, many resorts around the world have amenities designed specifically for corporate groups and organizations, so you’ll have absolutely everything you need. Additionally, there will be plenty of activities for all types of attendees, so you don’t need to worry about anyone getting bored. However, it’s important to set strict times for all necessary conferences and clear directions to help avoid the “herding cats” problem.

The Retreat Meeting

If you need a little more focus (and a lower budget), think about the retreat meeting. The retreat tends to be more local, focused more on weekends away, and offer more opportunities to quietly relax than to go out on adventures. This could be exactly what busy attendees need and want! However, retreats don’t appeal to everyone, so be sure to market the other benefits of the event as well, such as the valuable information and opportunities there.

The Sponsor Loophole

Want to bring the vacation atmosphere to you? Work with sponsors who have big ideas and plenty of opportunities for fun! This is a “carnival” option when you have plenty of room for booths and want to encourage sponsors to think creatively and give attendees a chance to have fun. Of course, that also means you need to set aside time for the attendees to actually experience booths – and work with sponsors who know how to entertain as well as sell.

The Big City Experience

Believe it or not, for many attendees a big event in the big city can be the perfect idea of a vacation (as long as it’s not too close to home). There are many advantages for the company here as well. Transportation is easy to find, and interesting activities are widely available but don’t cost you anything! As with the resort, however, it’s important to set a timeline and give attendees enough to time while also considering traffic and other factors.

The Rental Option

A spin on the “retreat” idea, the rental option allows you to rent vacation homes (not exactly popular after the timeshare fiasco, which means you can often find good rates) next to a resort or in a particular neighbor – anything from “ranch” to suburbia. These vacation homes typically come packed with amenities and make a great location for more private events with opportunities to enjoy high-quality meals and get away from it all.

The Outdoor Adventure

Aimed more at the young professional crowd, these events incorporate plenty of teambuilding activities and outdoor activities. It’s a great option if you are within traveling distance of mountains, national parks, or other popular outdoor locations and you want to use them to appeal to your team.

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