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6 Ways Venues Will Change in 2017

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Business and technology are moving faster than ever – which means that business venues are changing, too. 2017 is going to bring plenty of evolution to the idea of business events…and how venues are responding to new demand. Here are several of the top ways 2017 venues will be shifting their focus – and affecting your event planning process.

1. More Competition for Venues

Overall, venue use is on the rise, especially when it comes to business events. More businesses are planning more event meetings…which means more competition. This doesn’t necessarily mean that venue prices are going to rise (although we have seen that start to happen, too), but it will at least affect event booking times and scheduling. In other words, get ready to book even earlier than before, and expect more competition over the best venue spaces.

2. A Greater Focus on Wireless Capabilities

We bet you aren’t surprised by this at all, but it’s still worth noting. More and more, the top factor that companies are looking at in venues isn’t space or accessibility, but wireless capabilities. How much bandwidth does the venue offer? What Wi-Fi services do they provide? Since everyone has a mobile device these days, these questions are becoming more important to everyone…especially companies with young professionals. Expect more focus on advertising wireless features from venues, and a better wireless offering in the coming year.

3. People Getting Down to Business

Venue changes are also being affected by where companies are booking – and why. Overall, we’re seeing the number of resort bookings fall, while the number of more traditional business area bookings rise. This indicates a swing toward events that avoid mixing business and pleasure and instead try to train attendees in a particular skill or making sure they understand a certain amount of information. What a growing number of companies really want is more akin to a classroom than an open bar, and venues are picking up on the fact.

4. More Practical Results

As a complement to point 3, it’s important to note that business events are growing more focused on practical results. In other words, companies in 2017 will want something to show for the event, a concrete way of measuring ROI via skills, knowledge, conversions, and other measurable data. Venues will be offering more ways to collect that data, and corporations will spend more time on the “takeaway” to the exclusion of other activities.

5. Venue Agencies Fade, Replaced by Event Management Services

Fewer and fewer people are choosing venue agencies that focus only on finding and booking venues for companies. In today’s digital age, any competent event planning team can handle that themselves with ease. What companies are really looking for is a full event management service company that can help out with details, planning stages, and additional services…the things that a company can’t do on its own.

6. Redesign and Renovation

Finally, venues will be taking 2017 as a year to upgrade and renovate. This will allow them to add more technological features, create more space, and generally make long overdue changes to their spaces and offerings…which is good news for everyone.

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